You have properly been shaving your legs ever since you hit puberty and realized that there is a whole lot of hair in places where you never thought there would be hair. You would think that by now we would have perfected the art of achieving perfectly smooth legs, but alas! You may hate it, or you may enjoy it, because I have heard from some people that it can be quite satisfying and relaxing.

You should use proper products like good quality shaving foam and decent razors. This day in age, we have specified razors, foams and even creams for the very purpose of shaving legs and other parts of your body. Even men have the ‘body razor’, and it is indeed affordable. When shaving hair, you will surely notice that there is some ingrown hair in some spots of your leg, red bumps, razor abrasion and even some nicks. Here are some tips and tricks that you should follow:


  1. Do not shave your legs as soon as you get in the shower. Warm water usually will soften the skin and make it easier for you to shave off unwanted hair, so save the shaving part to the end of your shower.
  2. I have found that it is admittedly more comfortable if you use a trimmer to take off most of the hair first and then using a razor to finish the job. I have never used any designated razors. But you probably should.
  3. You don’t have to exfoliate the area with a loofah or a scrub. If you abrasively scrub the skin, it ends up tearing the surface of the skin and increases the chances of the redness and can even give you pain. It also can make your skin feel dryer than usual.
  4. You should never use soap to shave your legs, at any costs. It dries and causes the razor to drag painfully on the skin. If you do not have any foam, use shampoo or even conditioner in any case, this will result in being a smoother experience.legs
  5. You can experiment between short strokes to longer strokes. Longer strokes can cause nicks and scratches around your toes and ankles if you are not careful. Shorter strokes have proven to be much more helpful and efficient.
  6. Rinse the razor after every stroke. The hair may be stuck in between the blades and rinsing it will get all the hair out.
  7. Replace the blades on your razor frequently. A dull blade doesn’t shave all that well. Once every month should be a reasonable changing periods, although it completely depends on how many times you use the razor to shave parts of your body.