There are some beauty mistakes that we do without even realizing that those mistakes are adversely affecting us. But, they all can be corrected, so here are a few beauty mistakes and how to avoid doing them on a daily basis.

Mistake 1: Using conditioner all over your head. Many people tend to apply a conditioner like it is a shampoo. They start at the top of the head and work it through all parts of the head. The ends of the hair are in need to nourishment since they may be damaged, whereas the hair near your scalp is healthy since it would be new. Do not waste product on the roots.

Fix: apply conditioner only at the middle parts and the end parts of your hair. You will surely gain some volume, and you will also eliminate the need to wash your hair often.

Beauty Mistakes

Mistake 2: Spraying on perfume after you are dressed.

It may seem that putting perfume on your clothes would make the scent last way longer than you think, but in reality, some fabrics can affect the smell of the perfume and also, perfume can stain the fabrics. The fragrance is indeed made to be applied on the skin where it can get affected by the body heat.

Fix: before you get dressed, dab some perfume directly onto the skin, in areas like, under your arms, wrists, behind your ear lobes and also sides of your neck, you will find that the scent will last way longer than you thought.

Mistake 3: applying foundation on your face before the moisturizer dries. You need to give some time for your moisturizer to dry; otherwise, it can and will thin out the makeup.

Fix: use the moisturizer and wait a couple of minutes while your skin absorbs it and the go on to apply the foundation. If you are short on time, blot your face with a dry tissue after moisturizing and before using foundation.

daily basis

Mistake 4: being in the showering until you feel that your body and hair are “squeaky clean.”

This can indeed be intriguing and satisfying, but if you stay in the shower too long, you will have stripped the body and the hair of its natural oils. Do not scrub your skin vigorously as well, be gentle.

Fix:  evaluate the kind of tools and products that you are using — a sponge, a loofah, shampoo, etc. You need to limit your shower time to a period of 10-15 minutes maximum. You should also use warm water and not hot water as this can be damaging to your hair and your skin.

These are some common beauty mistakes that most people make and fixes that you should follow, for a better life and better skin and hair.